lak-2-8 septic tank

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lak-2-8 septic tank

Our advantages

Production entirely located in Georgia

Cost 2-3 times lower than competitors

Low power consumption (1.5-2 kW / day)

After-sales service for a warranty period (1 year)

Process overview

SBO is a self-sufficient system and does not include additional cleaning systems (soil post-treatment). Drains in it are cleared by 97-98%. SBO includes both wastewater treatment processes – aerobic and anaerobic, which occur in one chamber of the station.

Structurally, the station, like the septic tank, is a sealed container, but (unlike the septic tank) includes additional devices that provide aeration processes.

The modern wastewater treatment algorithm used in our station has 4 phases:

Step 1

First, the sewage flows through a perforated waste bin, where it is cleaned of large sewage and non-degradable objects, into a tank in which aeration takes place.

Step 2

The second stage is the splitting of organic compounds by microorganisms and mixing the formed sludge.

Step 3

Then there is the stage of settling clarified effluents, as a result of which a layer of spent activated slit is formed at the bottom of the chamber of the LAK septic tank.

Step 4

The last step is pumping cleaned water into a prepared ditch or drainage well.

This is the so-called discontinuous approach of wastewater treatment!

This method is widespread in the West, and is now used in our treatment facilities. Its essence lies in the passage of effluents through the SBR rector – a dividing rector of periodic action. It is the division of the cleaning process into several stages occurring in one treatment plant that allows the LAK autonomous sewage system to achieve such high results.

According to research, this budgetary sewage system for a private house is capable of cleaning sewage up to 95%, which is the highest indicator not only in its price category, but also in the category of much more expensive sewage treatment plants. The complete cleaning cycle is 24 hours, so you should choose the LAK station, based on the number of installed and actively used plumbing fixtures, as well as the number of people living in the house.

In SBO, cleaned water can be pumped directly into the ditch or into the receiving well and used for irrigation (as shown in the figures)

Soil treatment of sewage after septic tank
1. Before groundwater (drinking), runoff must pass at least 1 meter of soil for its after-treatment!
2. The most important thing is to calculate the area of contact between the drains and the soil so that they absorb more quickly than the drains come from the house.


lak-2-8 septic tank


from 2 to 8 people

  • 3000​ liters
  • Dimensions LхWхH 1900х1500х1550mm

Used for mini hotels and private houses.


from 6600 GEL
lak-8-16 septic tank


from 8 to 16 people

  • 5000 liters
  • Dimensions LхWхH 1800х1850х1900mm

Used for hotels and private houses, as well as for other small and medium-sized businesses, in the absence of central sewage system.

from 8800 GEL

Delivery, installation and service:

Our company delivers its products free of charge to the client within 20 km from Tbilisi, further costs 2-3 GEL / km.

We carry out high-quality and professional installation of our LAK stations. Installation costs from 1000 GEL, depending on complexity. You can also prepare the foundation pit for the LAC station yourself, after consulting with our specialists first.

Our company also produces warranty service and after-sales service for LAK stations. Cost of service is discussed individually!

Additional services

We will turn your cesspool into a complete biological treatment station. Want to stop harming the environment with polluted sewage? We will help you! Sealing a cesspool, finalizing it to the level of a septic tank with sewage treatment up to 70-80%. Cost from 2500 GEL (only the equipment, without sealing).

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